Why Choose May University Press Limited

Experience and Quality

As an educational and strategic research and publishing firm, May University Press Limited has established itself as a reliable spring of masterpiece historical and biographical narratives and publications. We work in consonance with our core values of integrity, professionalism, innovative and effective communication to deliver excellent and people-oriented services to our clients. Our track record in research and publishing speaks volumes of our credentials and capabilities.


Our claim to excellence is anchored on sound professionalism that derives confidently from a tradition of having at our disposal the best breed of researcher, writers, editors and experts in the creative arts. We work as a team in producing captivating narratives that define and project the subject with eloquence and vividness.

Client-Oriented Services and Reliability

We prioritize our clients’ needs and adhere strictly to our professional ethics to ensure that projects are delivered on schedule. In crafting the story, we work in collaboration with our client because they are the most reliable sources of their own stories.


Our works are original in content, and come at affordable rates.

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