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Strategic Research & Publishing

Strategic Research & Publishing

We specialize in producing and packaging various modes of biographical works for individuals and groups whose lives have been extraordinary and inspiring in many significant ways. Our works come in various forms designed to suit individual taste and preference.

With a team of seasoned biographers who have track records writing successful biographies and autobiographies of international acclaim, we are poised to offer you the best in biographical experiences.

We are committed to a systematic and detailed documentation and celebration of the lives of successful and inspiring people, especially Africans and Africans in the Diaspora. Our biographical project would capture the trajectories of your life’s experience, with focus on your outstanding achievements alongside a profound intellectual engagement with the highlights of your endeavors.

Profiling your life’s journey of historic and significant milestones is an invaluable way to motivate, inspire and mentor present and future generations of people who will benefit from these inspiring stories. It serves as a historical reference material for research and the promotion of cherished heritage. It is a critical human development initiative which, when captured in a most appealing way, will relive for you, memories of a lifetime.

  • Biography
  • Autobiography
  • Biographical Souvenir
  • Pictorial Biography
  • Family History
  • Corporate History
  • Herstory
  • Business Publishing


A biography is a researched and detailed description and analysis of a person’s life in the third person narrative form. It explores various basic facts of the subject’s life, discusses details of experiences, and engages in a constructive analysis of the personality in the context of those experiences. A huge element in our biographical works focuses on legacy writing, which properly situates the subject’s contribution to society and humanity.


An autobiography, like a biography, is a researched and detailed account of a person’s life, but in the first person narrative form. We provide complete support to the subject, who is also the author, in actualizing his or her story in a precisely personal and distinguished form.

Pictorial Biography

This is a relatively unexplored concept in biographical writing in Africa. We are therefore poised to bring it to your shelf with you as the subject. This entails using your collections of photographs to tell the story of your life in a most colorful, creative and inspiring manner that would outlive generations and leave behind great memories of your personality.

Biographical Souvenir

To mark your birthday, wedding anniversary and other milestone achievements such as the conferment of chieftaincy titles, awards, recognitions, etc, we are offering you a true treasure outside the ordinary traditional gifts items to your guests and well-wishers. A creative combination of your profile, a collection of biographical tributes to you from family, friends and associates, and a rich array of historical and contemporary photographs would be transformed into an inspiring book that would be an everlasting souvenir in the homes of hundreds or thousands of people

Family History

This genre of historical writing offers you an opportunity to preserve your unique family heritage. Family history could be produced as a book which captures and documents records of a family as a unit and the lives of individual family members in varying proportions. Your family should know who they are, and their origins and ancestors. Writing your family history could give you and members of your family a better understanding of yourselves, an appreciation of your past and present place in society, and a proper preparation for the future.



Multimedia Biographies

We produce beautiful stories using audio narration, videos, and motion pictures. A multimedia version of your personal story, professional accomplishments, family history, and company history can be created by our team of professionals to excite viewers’ imagination through time. Landmark anniversaries and other important events that define and mark your life are worth recording to preserve memories. Your work-life, personal and family history, group, community and corporate stories, and essential places and events that surround you can illuminate your life story for proper understanding. You can make them unforgettable, preserve them as part of your legacies, and relate them to your family and society. We work to produce audio and video stories of the best quality to immortalize you and your life achievements.



Career Biographies

A career biography is probably the most important piece that will ever be written about you, because it defines you and all about your work and career in the boldest terms possible. It offers prospective employers, associates and clients a clear and irresistible picture of you, your services, and your professional know- how. Whatever your career, we aim to get you in front of the queue in your quest for professional visibility and relevance when you trust us with scripting and promoting your professional profile. To get started, please visit our corporate online platform: www.thecorporatepoint.com
You may also visit our general biographical platform: www.ourlegacyway.com



Herstory, Narratives of Leading Women

The Herstory Project is a stirring kaleidoscope of exemplary women from different backgrounds, temperaments, passions, and achievements. The stories of these women challenge and move beyond long-held traditions of gender discrimination and cultural inhibitions to reveal individuals whose determination and self-belief have had tremendous impact on their livelihoods, communities and nations. These narratives redefine and delineate the contours of women empowerment and leadership in African communities, broadening the discourse to include the transformative power of the individual and her society. Please view Herstory publications www.herstorywomen.com



Business and Community Publishing

May University Press Limited also offers a range of qualitative services in business, corporate and community publishing:

Anniversary Souvenir Publications

Industry-Centered Publications

Corporate Documentaries

Biographical Documentaries

Heritage and Legacy projects

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